Our Club

We are a non-profit wrestling club focused on conditioning, strength, and technique training. Our program is comprehensive and trains in three major styles: collegiate, Greco-Roman, and freestyle. Our coach’s focus is on helping athletes reach their maximum potential.

Our Mission

Guardian Knights Wrestling Club is a time proven, results oriented program. Our mission is to emphasis on developing the strongest student athletes, helping them excel at their best wrestling styles. We aim to balance hard work, discipline, determination and character by acquiring the life skills to develop outstanding leaders for life. Our full commitment and perseverance is to help support Guardian Knight Wrestlers achieve their all-out potential, earn state and national recognition in order to help them in their pursuit to be recruited by the best collegiate and Olympic programs. We promote the skills necessary to increase their opportunities to further their wrestling career in higher education. For those who are committed to wrestling we have a proven track record with sport specific foundation, the cutting-edge techniques and proprietary training process developed to fuel their success both on and off the mat.

Description of our training programs

Level 1:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Categorized as the most committed and skilled wrestlers. To qualify for level 1 the wrestler must be fully committed to improving in the sport of wrestling and using their full potential to succeed in the sport. This will include kids that looking to place in the top 3 in the State Tournament strive to compete at The USA Wrestling National Tournament in Fargo, North Dakota.
Level 2: TBA
Will include wrestlers who are also fully committed to improve in the sport of wrestling but lack some of the skill sets needed to compete at a higher level. This section will work mainly on a curriculum that includes all the skills that wrestler needs to be competitive. The main focus of this level is graduate wrestlers into Level 1.
Level 3: TBA
For wrestlers that are beginning to make the commitment to improve in the sport of wrestling. The focus will be on basic wrestling movements and skills that are critical to build a solid foundation for success in wrestling.

Wrestling Styles Include:

  • Folkstyle
  • Freestyle
  • Greco Roman

Why Join?

Top 10 Reasons

  1. Wrestlers will benefit from seasoned instructors who have trained, competed, and coached successfully at all levels.
  2. GK Wrestling provides access to competitive workout partners, so wrestlers can practice competing at any level. Wrestlers must learn to compete and dominate their competitors if they want to make it to the top.
  3. Train in a room specifically for wrestlers not shared with P.E. or dance class.
  4. GK Wrestling gives those wrestlers who are determined to be the best an opportunity to train year-round so they can discover the results of hard work and “ADVANCED” training. Well-known national wrestlers host special clinics and workshops. The Knights also hosts and visits other clubs for special workouts and competitions.
  5. Class sizes are limited so wrestlers receive more focused instruction.
  6. Knights stay current with the latest trends of training and technique that wrestlers must know to keep a competitive edge. You are either a Knight or you fall behind!
  7. Counseling is provided for areas that are often overlooked but just as important for athletes to reach their potential. Topics include mental skills training, weight management (diet & nutrition), and strength and conditioning.
  8. Private one-on-one sessions and focus groups can be scheduled by any member.
  9. Videotape analysis of matches and practices is another way the Knights can help athletes improve their wrestling techniques. Visual feedback and expert staff critique helps athletes see their moves and adjust them accordingly.
  10. Knights can help guide young wrestlers through the college recruitment process. Wrestlers will be promoted to an established network of coaches who are looking for college prospects.


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